The Review-Machine Speaks!


^^That right there is my favorite quote and poem of all time. It’s from Shel Silverstein, that marvelous man (even if his author photo on the back of The Giving Tree is a tad frightening…). The book this poem came from, Where the Sidewalk Ends, was one of the first that got me thinking about the power of words and books to make people think, to make people imagine.

I wanted to do a post that wasn’t a review, because I’d like you to know that I am a person, and not just a review-churning-out-machine. This is a total mish-mash of questions, mostly because I couldn’t even figure out how to search for a standard “Personality Profile” type list of questions. So I cobbled together questions from different sites, as well as a few I thought I’d add just because I had good answers to them 😛 Without further ado, hello there!


I got ’em. One. A brother. Younger.

Favorite Color:
Yellow. And Burgundy. Not necessarily together.

Robin Williams is one of my Five. You know: "The Five People You'd Most Like to Meet, Alive or Dead"

Robin Williams is one of my Five. You know: “The Five People You’d Most Like to Meet, Alive or Dead”

Favorite Movies:
Mrs. Doubtfire, Down Periscope, Moulin Rouge, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, 
and all the Disney movies I can sing along to. Which is all of them.

Favorite TV Shows:
Pushing Daisies was amazing, and deserved WAY more than two seasons! I should be ashamed about the number of times I’ve seen every single episode of Gilmore Girls. But I’m not. So You Think You Can Dance makes me wish I spent my formative years in ballet class and jazz class just so I can express myself like the dancers on that show can (and just an FYI: my favorite routine is still “If It Kills Me” from Season 5 with Jason and Jeanine). The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and I love me some binge-watching-Food-Network afternoons.

Hobbies (besides reading):
Writing (long fiction and short stories), knitting, watching awesome TV shows, and BAKING. I LOVE to bake stuff. Cookies, cupcakes, cakes, anything really. I’ve tried my hand at cake pops, brittle, and am getting into bread-making. I love the way a warm cookie makes people happy, and a cupcake decorated a certain way lights up someone’s face and day. So I basically have the habits of an 80-year-old agoraphobic woman…

What Chore Do I Absolutely Hate Doing?
Well, first of all, I know some people love doing chores, but I don’t personally know anyone like that. And I am not one of them. So the chore I actually don’t mind doing is sweeping floors, because you physically see what your doing, the result of your labor aka the nasty dust and chip crumbs that magically appeared there on your kitchen floor during the one measly week between sweepings. I love Swiffering stuff. I’m not a fan of nasty dish-washing (when I don’t rinse something right away, getting peanut butter out of measuring cups, stuck on bacon grease, etc.), or cat box cleaning (‘Nuff said).

If I Could Be Any Fictional Character, Who Would I Choose?
Hermione Granger. Duh!

Just look at that cheesy gnocchi...oops, I'm drooling on my keyboard.

Just look at that cheesy gnocchi…oops, I’m drooling on my keyboard.

What is the Best Meal You’ve Ever Had?
There is a looooong story that goes along with it, but to keep it short, I ate it in Croatia, after an adrenaline-filled day in which me and a friend ran up and over a mountain in five minutes. We hadn’t had lunch, and stopped at the restaurant we’d had dinner at the night before. That four cheese gnocchi, and ćevapi (pronounced “che-vap-chi-chi,” who would have thought?!) sandwich was heaven. Beyond heaven. That and the cold water we guzzled down.

Where is the Favorite Place You’ve Ever Traveled To?
I have been unbelievably lucky and fortunate to have been able to travel several places. I have been to Australia, Hawaii, Europe (on a couple different occasions), and I studied abroad in college in the Mediterranean. My favorite place was an accident – while in Portugal during that study abroad trip, my friend and I heard from a fellow traveler that the city of Sintra was absolutely gorgeous and we had to go there. So we did. And it was incredible. I don’t think I could recreate that experience, even if I travel back there someday. (More on Sintra down there under the “Prettiest Library I’ve Ever Seen” question ;))

Two Things I’d Like to Be an “Expert” In:
Baking without a recipe! And knitting something other than a scarf…

My Million Dollar (Book-Related) Idea:
Struck me once after I read this quote:
“We shouldn’t teach great books; we should teach a love of reading” – B. F. Skinner

There should be a college class that gives students a book budget (gift card to the student bookstore on campus/the local bookstore, etc.) to buy the books they’ve been wanting/meaning to read. There would of course have to be discussions about themes and probably papers and tests, but it’d give people a chance to read what they want to read, even if it’s the symbolism of ab muscles in Harlequin Romances, instead of ones they have to read and that have been taught, analyzed, and picked to death.

The Prettiest Library I’ve Ever Seen (In Person):
The Library of Congress is supremely beautiful. When I took a class trip to Washington D.C. in middle school, my camera ran out of film RIGHT BEFORE we got inside. I was so upset that I couldn’t take pictures of that beautiful ceiling at the time, but I think that I remember it better now because I didn’t get a chance to capture it on film. Funny the way memory works.

BUT it’s a two-way tie between that one and the library in the Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal. Sintra is gorgeous. It’s like walking through a fairy tale, every place you go. There are five, six castles and grounds (complete with waterfalls and wells you can walk down) within walking distance. And every castle is a different mood, a different fairy tale. ANYWAY. At Quinta da Regaleira, the library is a small, dark room, the walls are bookcases from the floor to the ceiling, and at the base of each case is a mirror embedded in the floor, so the shelves look like they repeat into infinity past the floor. It’s AMAZING.

Mirrors in the floor to make the books go on forever!
Mirrors in the floor to make the books go on forever!
Books to the ceiling!!
Books to the ceiling!!











One Word Would-You-Rathers (No Explanations Allowed!):

Play or Musical? Musical
Theater or a Movie? Theater
Hike or Bike?
Plane, train, or automobile? Plane
Climbing or zip-lining? ZIP-LINE!
Night out or evening in? Evening in
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
Go on a free trip/vacation, or win a lot of money? Free trip
Win the lottery or find your perfect job? Find my perfect job
Sailboat or cruise ship? Cruise ship!!

Coming Up: More reviews, of course! AND more about me – in an interview ripped straight from a celebrity magazine 😉