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logo2So this is another one of those book blogs. So what?

I’m hoping Ampersand Read will provide much more than reviews on good books (and bad books. Those are unavoidable). I’ll be posting my thoughts and musings on writing and reading (I have drafts of posts about spoilers and Internet cookies waiting patiently for my attention on my laptop!), gift giving guides for holidays (Graduation coming up, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.), and funny reading things (GIFs are wonderful inventions…) because if I just wrote and published reviews, I’d go crazy, and reading might just stop being fun. And that is unacceptable to me!

What do I read? A ton. I get on kicks. Sci-Fi/Fantasy kicks, Young Adult (YA) novels and whole series get gobbled up in weekends, literary fiction with their sometimes pretentious covers. Those are my Main Three. My Trifecta, if you will. I have an eReader, but I will always appreciate propping up a hardcover on my lap in bed or slipping a paperback into my purse when I go out for the day. If you want to contact me about reviewing books, message me here for now (I’m still getting e-mail, Twitter, and whatnot, ironed out).

Go out there on Ampersand Read and enjoy!



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