& Fridays: While I Was Out

Okay, so you know what they say about the best-laid plans? My plans for Ampersand Read have always been to have a steady stream of blog posts – at LEAST one review and one Friday book-themed post per week. And to have at least a month’s worth of posts scheduled in advance, just in case life gets busy (which it always does).

Well I’ve sucked at it, to put it lightly. I got two other Uppercase Boxes back at the end of summer, and never posted what I got! I have gone on not one, but TWO trips, and have said not a word about them! I participated in a 24-hour readathon, and never posted a follow up or review about it. I started AND FINISHED National Novel Writing Month AND DIDN’T TELL YOU ABOUT IT.

So I apologize for my procrastinating on writing posts and lack of planning in general. I feel I have neglected Ampersand Read a bit, and I want to make it a bigger priority, especially coming into the new year, as it is still something I very much like to do, and I think it could be much bigger and better than ever with a little more attention and love from me.

So hello! To new and old readers alike: there are a lot of posts coming your way in the next few days, so get excited! Some posts to look out for in 2017 include more Coffee Table posts (where I feature lovely coffee table books as well as coffee tables to put them on), gift giving guides for upcoming holidays throughout the year, Friday post series featuring writer’s tools, “Literary Lunches” (where I create a meal based on a scene or overall theme of a book), and “From Page to Screen” (where I cast real-life people into the roles of characters I am reading about).


  • The craziest U.S. election known to man happened in the middle of National Novel Writing Month (and totally threw me off…or maybe I just used that as an excuse)
  • I nevertheless COMPLETED NANOWRIMO 2016! Making this the fourth year in a row I wrote a novel in just 30 short days! Who knows if even this one will see the light of day again (although I do like the concept more than most of my other NaNoWriMo stories in the past), but I did it!!
  • I went to EUROPE and toured dozens of beautiful Christmas markets while I was there!
  • I started preparing for my trip to LONDON in April, where a large chunk of time will be devoted to books and geeking out over Harry Potter!
  • I took a calligraphy class and thus started a new hobby! I’ll be trying to hand-letter some blog headings from here on in!

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