& Fridays: Uppercase Box June

I got my Uppercase Box this month a few days after Owl Crate. And as soon as I eagerly yanked the book from the Uppercase drawstring bag, my heart sank. If you read my Owl Crate post last week, you can guess why.

juneIt’s the same book! My Lady Jane, written by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows. The silly-sounding one about vaguely-historical characters and a man that turns into a horse during the day.

If anything, this proves that the publicist or agent or whoever is in charge of getting word of the book out there in the world is doing a good job. He or she convinced two book subscription companies to include this book in their boxes in the same month. And I don’t exactly expect Uppercase Box and Owl Crate to be in communication together, making sure they do not send out the same thing, but it feels disappointing nonetheless. I wouldn’t buy the same book twice unless I knew I loved it and I wanted to get a copy for a friend, etc.

june3I might hand off one of these copies to a fellow YA fan. There’s no room on my bookshelf or reason to keep two copies.

Moving on! The goodies this month are a spectacular woodgrain Deathly Hallows magnet that immediately got put in a place of honor on my fridge, and a light canvas bag with a fun illustration, crying out “I read, therefore I fangirl.” I believe it’s the same artist who created the YA-quote calendar I got in January, actually…

When it comes down to it, I would not normally spend the amount of money an Uppercase Box or Owl Crate costs on the goodies that came in this month’s subscriptions. Yes, it is disappointing that both companies chose the same book, but that’s what I get for loving books so much that I subscribed to more than one book box!


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