& Fridays: On Reading a Series: To Re-Read or Not to Re-Read…

I have been musing on many things having to do with reading book series lately, so I thought I would write a few Friday posts on the subject matter. There are four posts planned so far, but if something you say or something I think of sparks an idea, this could continue!

I have spent a lot of time re-reading this year. All because I read the first book in a series when it first came out. In hardcover, in paperback, in an advanced reader’s copy, etc. The premise intrigued be and I picked it up and I loved it.

And then a year goes by. The sequel comes out. And more often than not, I feel like I have to re-read the first book in the series in order to fully appreciate/understand the goings on in the second book. I often decide this before I even crack the cover on the second book. I read the synopsis, think something like Uhhhh…I don’t remember who that character is, or Wait, that happened in the first book?!

And so I re-read the first book. This is both good and bad. Good because I clearly liked the book enough to get the sequel, so I know most likely I will enjoy it the second read through. Bad because re-reads take time! Time I could be reading other books, or reading the shiny new one on my shelf!

I know, I know. Bookworm problems. Sounds tough, feel sorry for me, etc. But I suffer from a little reader’s guilt if I DON’T re-read a first installment before its sequel. It freshens up the world that the novel is set in, re-familiarizes me with its characters, and sometimes I am still surprised by events and plot points.

Or maybe I just have a HORRIBLE memory for these things. What about you? Do you feel the need/desire to read the first book before you crack the spine on the second? Are there books you can re-read forever and never get tired of them?


One thought on “& Fridays: On Reading a Series: To Re-Read or Not to Re-Read…

  1. Hey there, this happens to me all the time…but I tend to not reread the first books unless I absolutely have to. Sometimes I hope that my memory will kick in one way or another. You’re right, it does detract from the sequel’s oomph if your memory is hazy. Too many books on my TBR list and not enough time!

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