& Friday: Ampersand Instagram

Look at those sad, low numbers. Follow me on Instagram!

Look at those sad, low numbers. Follow me on Instagram!

It’s a very self-explanatory title: I’m on Instagram now!

I mean, I was before, but now I have one just for the blog! I post about book things, mostly, of course: sneak peeks for upcoming posts, book hauls, amusing photos of my cats and my bookcases, etc. etc. etc.

I read somewhere recently that they’re saying Instagram will be the new Facebook. The two sites are quite different, can one really replace the other? I like the deeper interaction Facebook has. I feel like it’s easier to start and maintain a dialogue about articles and catch up with friends. But what do I know?

And I do love Instagram. Filters and hashtags all day long! (Except easy on the hashtags…I like them for organizational purposes, but six lines of hashtags and I start to judge). I find it more fun than Twitter, which I’m still trying to balance, blog-wise.

So go ahead and give the Instagram a follow! It’s on Instagram as ampersandread, of course. And let me know what other book Instagrams, Twitters, or Facebook pages I should be following. Who posts the funniest/most inspiring/coolest things about books (or just in general)?


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