& Fridays: What Should I Get My Bookworm for the Holidays?

I know, I know, it’s a little late in the game. But, if you’re a last minute shopper, or if, like me, you have just a couple more things to pick up for a couple more people (I’m almost done, I swear!), here are a few suggestions I have from browsing the interwebs for book-themed goodies.

1.) A book-based subscription box.

I mentioned last year a service called Just the Right Book, a somewhat spendy but AWESOME subscription that sends you books every month (or every two months, a few times a year, etc.) WELL. Now more subscriptions services have been popping up, or so it seems. I’m not sure how long some of these have been around, but I am just now discovering them, so there ya go.

The contents of November 2015's Uppercase Box!

The contents of November 2015’s Uppercase Box!

Uppercase Box is a YA-literature based service that not only sends you a hardcover, YA new release book once a month, but ALSO some AMAZING book-themed accessories and/or jewelry and/or doodads to fill your little bookworm’s heart with glee. I am including some pictures from their website of past boxes. They look amazing – just the kind of fun book-themed goodie bag I want to get in the mail. You can gift someone a subscription for just books ($17/month), books with book-themed goodies ($23/month), or books and goodies personalized to the reader ($29/month). A gift subscription of a couple of months is on my wishlist this year. Should Santa be so generous, I will certainly review my boxes here on the blog!

OwlCrate is another YA subscription service (YA seems to lend itself to monthly boxes well), ALSO with awesome book-themed doodads. You can subscribe ($29.99 per month on a month to month basis, with discounts if you purchase multiple months at a time), or gift a membership of a month ($29.99) or three ($86.98) or six ($167.94).

FINALLY, Book Riot has adult fiction and non-fiction books, plus goodies, PLUS a handwritten note from the author of the book and/or curator of the box. Woah (note: I believe Uppercase Box does this as well, or at least the author’s signature). The subscription is less frequent, at a new box every 3 months, and boxes are $50.00 apiece. But they’re all so prettttyyyyy….

2.) Book-themed games


I for one HATE Monopoly. It drags on forever, and can get ludicrously complex (you can put a mansion on someone’s house in Times Square, but if I land on this next square, I get fined $2,000,000?!) BUT. BUT. I MIGHT play a Monopoly in a book theme. Don’t get stuck Watching TV or you’ll lose three turns!



Haikubes and/or Story Cubes. I got a small set of Story Cubes in my stocking one year, and they’re a lot of fun to do quick writing exercises with, or just to play around when you’re bored. Themed in sets, they have a series of pictures on their faces. You roll, you come up with a story having to do with those images, however you see fit. Or create a Haiku with these handy-dandy dice (I’m sure there’s a drinking game in there as well…)

3.) Book-themed furniture


This lamp is on my wishlist this year – after redoing my bookshelves and replacing my nightstand earlier this year, my cheap, white bedside lamp looked like it needed a refresher or replacement. I saw this in a catalog and ISN’T IT A GREAT IDEA?! A lamp with a shelf built in! I’m always cluttering my bedside table (which already has a built in shelf for books above the drawer…I may have a book-buying problem), and this would definitely free up some space while presenting some lovely books.

This is the Pottery Barn Drew Nightstand, which is not on sale anymore, but there are copycats out there (and I imagine you could make one yourself...)

This is the Pottery Barn Drew Nightstand, which is not on sale anymore, but there are copycats out there (and I imagine you could make one yourself…)

Or how about an entire bedside table intended for books? I can see the categories now…to be read…will never read but they look good at my bedside…guilty pleasures…short stories…poetry…

4.) Ummm…books? I know, I know, it seems like a crutch, right? But trust me: bibliophiles love books. It’s kind of in the name there. Whether it’s a gift card, a new hardcover, or a nice copy of one of their old favorites, that “Thank you” you hear on Christmas Day/Hanukkah will be genuine (or it should be, in any case). My humble “Best Books I’ve Read This Year” annual post will be coming up at the end of this month, but you are certainly welcome to pick my brain or comb through my reviews this past year. One of my favorite part of my jobs as a bookseller was making recommendations 🙂

Other brands to look into:


Out of Print Clothing – clever clothing and tote bags for your favorite classic novels (my best friend is into Alice in Wonderland…she’s received an Out of Print or two…)


Novel Teas – have a book loving friend who loves tea? (the two often go hand in hand…) give him/her a bag of Novel Tea, where every bag is printed with a literary quote.


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