& Fridays: Since I’ve Been Gone…


Wow, I feel like I have crawled out of a cave and have seen the sun for the first time in MONTHS. It feels weird to construct a sentence that is not part of the novel I was writing this past month.

Which brings me handily to my next order of business:




YES! For three years straight, I said I would write 50,000 words over the course of only 30 days. And I have DONE IT. Every year, without fail, I feel a surge of pride and accomplishment when I press that button saying “I am ready to validate my novel,” when I copy and paste all 50,000 words into that box, and when the winner screen loads to tell me all these nice things about myself and my writing. It is truly a one of a kind feeling.

And if I hadn’t written 50,000 words? I would still be so proud. It is HARD to sit down and write every day, no matter what your life looks like. I don’t currenly have kids, but one November when I do, I can’t imagine how much tougher it will be. I managed to eek out 52,285 words this year, with a full time job, trying to go to the gym, cooking and baking for two or three days for Thanksgiving, and going on a week long vacation with my significant other. Those seem like such weak excuses, but it was tough! From Day 10 to Day 29, I was behind on my word count (I’ll be posting some fun (in my opinion) analyses of my words all three years next week). Several times I had to remove myself from my house, from my living room to be able to write and not get distracted.

There will be many more years, and many more distractions ahead. If you participated in National Novel Writing Month, whether you got in your 50,000 words or just 1,800 words, congratulations. I’m proud of you 🙂

So! I’ve been behind in posting!! I did managed to read a few books during my writing marathon. And currently I have *goes to count* eight books that I have read, but not yet reviewed. EEK! Plus, this little blog has been sorely neglected in terms of Friday posts and Coffee Table posts. I will do my best to fill the void!

So tell me your writing stories, readers! Did you do NaNoWriMo? What is your current word count, and are you still writing? (I hope so! Although me and my characters need a tiny break from each other) I am already looking ahead to my writing adventures in 2016…I’m thinking of trying to write a short story every week. It’s less pressure than writing EVERY day, but I’m still making a commitment to work on creativity!

Didja miss me? 😉


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