& Fridays: A Chair to Read In…

Ever since I re-vamped by bookcases, I’ve been sort of poking around, searching for the perfect reading chair to set up in some space that the old bookcases formerly occupied. I walked into a specialty furniture store a few weeks ago, was whisked around the showroom, sat in a few chairs, then plunked in front of some design-your-own software to customize an armchair and ottoman. I left the store in sticker shock. I held a print out of my dream chair in my hands and it could be mine…for $2,500.00

I don’t really have that kind of change for a reading chair, so the hunt has been on ever since.

A wingback nailhead chair with pillow from Overstock.com

A wingback nailhead chair with pillow from Overstock.com

Here are my requirements: it has to be comfortable, of course (although this is difficult to test whilst online shopping, reviews can go a long way…). It has to has arms of a reasonable width, and I wanted the back to be tall, preferably with wings, so that should I fall asleep while reading, I could lean against something.

Ottomans might have to come later. I’m not sure if I’d even use one…

There’s this comfy-looking dusty-gray-blue number from Overstock.com. But is the back tall enough? I feel like I wouldn’t be able to really rest my head on the wings.

James Harrison Leather Wing Chair by West Elm.

James Harrison Leather Wing Chair by West Elm.

Or this mature-feeling leather piece from West Elm.

This place has a storefront that I could walk into and feasibly try out the chair, which would be a good thing, as it’s the most expensive of the bunch.

I like the slanted back, but the arms seem a little skinny. I’m not about to get a reading chair that is poke-y in any way!


Porter High-Back Club Chair by Three Posts on Wayfair.com

Porter High-Back Club Chair by Three Posts on Wayfair.com


I’m really liking this option from Wayfair.com.

It, again, doesn’t seem as tall as the West Elm piece, but doesn’t it look cozy??

I don’t have many black accents in my room…it’s all blonde wood and the walls are a burgundy color, but black is a pretty standard accent color. It kind of goes with everything…

Except for a deep navy blue. Navy and black aren’t always friends. But I digress. I’d put a fun pillow on there, regardless, to give it more color (can you tell I’m a fan of color?)

Arm Chair by Wildon Home on Wayfair.com

Arm Chair by Wildon Home on Wayfair.com

But what about a chair with actual writing on it?! And this one, also from wayfair, has a high back!

The arms do seem skinny, again, as do the wings. And I can’t go out and try this one.

But the script pattern does appeal to me, as does it’s lighter color.

Of course, I would spill marinara sauce on it the first week I used it…I might have to impose a “no food in the reading chair” rule for myself.

Even hot cocoa. *sigh* I love hot cocoa.

How’s that for a random Friday post for ya? There’s kind of a Goldilocks-and-the-Favorite-Reading-Chair vibe to it! How about you, my lovely readers? Do you have a chair that is yours? One that you’ve claimed for your own, that no one else can sit in? What makes it your favorite? Let me know if you find contenders for me, as well. Remember: comfy arms and high wings are what make my reading chair a winner! Happy Friday!!


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