& Fridays: A Slight Notebook Problem…

Right on the heels of a post about my slight addiction to writing books comes a post about my out-of-control notebook buying habit!

I would count the number of unfilled notebooks I have on my shelf, but I don’t want to depress myself. I constantly say “I don’t need another notebook,” but that’s usually when I have another really awesome notebook in my hands, about to be purchased.

Is it something about the potential of an unfilled notebook? Or is it just because I have a bad case of cover-love/cover-lust and can’t resist a gorgeous cover or creamy pages, ready for me to put my thoughts to paper? Whatever it is, it really should stop. But it probably won’t.

I’ve got the full gauntlet of notebooks either crammed onto a bookshelf or in one of my desk drawers. Big, leather bound tomes, skinny deck-of-cards-sized booklets for jotting down quick ideas, plain covers, intricate covers, skinny, huge, you name it!

A collection of Decomposition Books. Take a look/buy them here.

A collection of Decomposition Books. Take a look/buy them here.

I’ve been writing in standard sized composition books for my writing exercises every day. I really like Decomposition Books, which have awesome covers and even cooler end papers. They’re sturdy too, which is good because I’m smashing them into huge satchel purses all the time.




A notebook for writing, a notebook for reading!

A notebook for writing, a notebook for reading!

I also currently have two smaller notebooks that I carry around with me (you guessed it: I always have a jam-packed, humongous purse. It makes me really popular to smuggle treats into movie theaters though!) from Compendium notebooks. They’re slim, paperback-novel-sized books that are crazy amazing. They have great paper quality, and they’re themed! I have one for writing, with a typewriter on the cover,

The writing themed pages and quotes

The writing themed pages and quotes

pencil lines for the lined pages, and writing quotes throughout, and a reading-themed one, with antique-looking paper innards and reading quotes throughout. I think they’re gorgeously designed, and I love me some quotes! I use the book-themed one for blog ideas and notes on the book(s) I’m reading, and the writing-themed one for any stray story, character, or scene ideas that float through my head throughout the day. It’s been an excellent system so far, and if I need to downsize my purse, they fit in my smaller bags too!

This is too much fun, so come back next week for a continuation of the notebook love!


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