& Fridays: Change is Good!

Change is good. It might not seem like it at the time the change occurs, but often I look back on what I thought were bad changes in my life — a particularly difficult break up, a rejection from a prestigious college, losing touch with friends or family — and I can see that I’ve at least learned from the change. And more often than not, the change was for the better. That break up? It lead me to meet someone way kinder, funnier, better for me. The college rejection? My college years were some of the best of my life. I have lifelong friendships from my time at a public state college, and irreplaceable memories from my years there. Losing touch with friends/family? In hindsight, that friendship was kind of toxic. When I do see that family member again, it’s all that much more special to see them. It’s a joy to catch up on each other’s lives.

And then, there are changes that you know are good right off the bat.

I got a new job. And while it takes me away from a group of people I truly loved to work with at the bookstore, and a subject matter I was passionate for (good books. The discount on reading material didn’t hurt either), it will allow me to pursue another passion, and meet more people to build friendships with.

I am currently in my second week of training for being a world wide travel agent. I have loved travel for as long as I have been able to board a plane, get in a car for a road trip, look at a map and say I want to go there! In the short amount of time I’ve spent with the company I’m with, I have planned half a dozen trips in my mind, and I’m itching to help other people explore the world, experience things, and make connections that they’ll never forget!

So now that I’ve bored you with gushing about my new job, let’s get to some books, shall we?

Around the World in 50 Years by Albert Podell. Travel Writing. Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books.

Around the World in 50 Years by Albert Podell. Travel Writing. Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books.

Around the World in 50 Years by Albert Podell sits on my bedside table. It details one man’s conviction to travel to every single country in the world – 195, a number that sometimes changed as he was planning his travels – in his lifetime.

It doesn’t go chronologically. Instead, Podell picks the best stories. The moments that hit him most, emotionally, humorously, most interestingly. There’s not a lot of Paris, London, Australia…the most common “I want to go there!” places that people choose.

It’s facing flat tires in the middle of the Saharan desert. Fearing death by militia, death by deadly ocean animals, death by language misunderstanding in Africa, Asia, South America. It’s the places you don’t hear about in popular travel books. And it’s quite funny. I’m about halfway through it now, and each story is crazier than the next.

Travels by Michael Crichton. Travel Writing. Publisher: Vintage.

Travels by Michael Crichton. Travel Writing. Publisher: Vintage.

I read Jurassic Park before going to see the new movie that recently came out. Lemme tell you: the book is way different than the 90’s movie made based on it.

But anyway. Crichton’s Travels is on my to-read shelf. You can tell Crichton is a travel nerd. Post-Jurassic Park fame, he wanted to set off and see the world.

So he did. I read a couple snippets before I bought it. And if the hilarious misunderstandings due to language and customs that I read through are an indication of the rest of the book, it’s sure to be a fun read.

So there you have it! I will still be returning to my favorite bookstore. There are always more books to buy! But I am beyond excited to start this new journey!

(And the blog will continue as usual, of course. I’m still reading, and I’m still behind on posts! Bear with me!)


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