& Fridays: Book Squealings

I’ve been really excited about books lately, everyone!

Armada by Ernest Cline. Publisher: Crown Publishing

Armada by Ernest Cline. Publisher: Crown Publishing

First off, I read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline before I had this blog, so it hasn’t been reviewed on here. I keep meaning to re-read it, but my to-read shelf just keeps expanding and expanding…anyway, the book is awesome. It’s all about this crazy, virtual reality scavenger hunt, positively crawling with 80’s references and nods to nerd-dom.

Armada looks to be much the same. The Advanced Reader’s Copy of Armada came into the store on one of my days off. My coworker texted me about it in all caps, and I made sure I was on the list to read it next.

Well, I’m currently reading it, y’all. And it’s awesome. My brother is also a fan of Cline’s work. Ready Player One is his FAVORITE book. He stayed up all night to finish it (which is normally not his thing), and he’s been anticipating Armada’s release for months.

So I had to rub it in his face when I got a copy. I walked up to him and the following scene happened:

Me: As a bookseller, sometimes we get advanced copies of books to read before they come out…
My brother: [pause] If you pull out a copy of Armada, I swear–
Me: [pulls out a copy of Armada]
My brother: [deep breath in] I hate you.

It was great. I’m trying to read it extra fast so he can get to it, but in the meantime, it’s great to tease him about it 😉

beauty charm poison

I’ve been eyeing these gorgeous books in the sci-fi/fantasy section for weeks. Poison, Charm, and Beauty by Sarah Pinborough make up a trilogy of twisted, re-told fairy tales. They’re hardcover, made of a really nice linen texture, and the details are stamped into the cover. I admit I fell in cover love with them. We’ll have to see if the insides live up to the outsides!

I’m also excited to read Written in the Blood, the sequel to The String Diaries, which I reviewed in May.

What’s on your reading lists? Any new releases you’re stoked about?


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