& Coffee Table Corner: Game Night

Let’s talk board games.

Like ’em? Loathe ’em? Only like the ones you can totally dominate at, but hate the ones that take forever or anything to do with a deck of cards? I get it all.

My family has a bookcase filled with board games. My dad has a weekly meeting with a buddy of his who has a full shed of board games, and he’s played a different one every week. Crazy, right?

So why not make some of my board games the focus of this week’s coffee table corner?

For the classics, I like SequenceQuirkle, good ol’ Pictionary and Scattergories. And my brother and I have a crazy psychic connection when it comes to Taboo. That’s the game where you have to get your partner to guess the code word, but you have a bunch of words you can’t say (which, of course, are the obvious clues to what your word is). He and I can get each other to guess words with the weirdest clues (usually having to do with TV shows or movies that we associate with that word).

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Just try me...any category.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Just try me…any category.

ANYWAY. Trivial Pursuit is an oldie but a goodie. I’ve actually been to several restaurants where they keep small boxes of Trivial Pursuit cards for you to play with your dinner partner(s). And not only that, but the game comes in dozens of versions now. My new favorite? HARRY POTTER TRIVIAL PURSUIT. Ain’t nobody beating me at that game, man.

Spellcasting? Characters? Magical Locations? Bring it on. I’m a big Harry Potter nerd. Proud of it. My family got Harry Potter Scene It! one year (anyone else ever play Scene It! ? You popped in a DVD and answered questions about the clips it played), and I owned everyone else. Yep, big dweeb, right over here 🙂

Betrayal at House on the Hill by Wizards of the Coast. Which one of you is the traitor? Who will trigger the haunt?

Betrayal at House on the Hill by Wizards of the Coast. Which one of you is the traitor? Who will trigger the haunt?

My most recent board game crush is Betrayal at House on the Hill. Now, this one is a complex one. The rulebook alone is huge, and it takes a good half an hour or so to get your bearings on how to play. It does help to have someone there who has played it before.

Basically, you and 2+ of your closest family and/or friends are explorers in a haunted house. You start out with no board whatsoever, and you build the house with room cards as you move about. The rooms are ominous: Bloody Room, Catacombs, the Vault. The items and Omens you uncover even more so (a Madman can start following you around, you can take a chance on the Deadly Dice).

At one point, the Omens outweigh the dice rolls, and someone triggers the Haunt. Depending on where and with what triggers the Haunt, you play a different scenario every time. Then you’re split into Heroes and Traitor, in a race to make your side win.

See? It’s even complex to summarize! But it’s amazing. My family has played a couple rounds already, and now that we’re finally getting the hang of it, future game play is going to be awesome.

IKEA LIATORP coffee table. Found here.

IKEA LIATORP coffee table. Found here. Ever play the game: made up word or actual IKEA furniture? Surprisingly difficult…

For the coffee table? I’m thinking a display, glass top coffee table. One you can remove the top or slide out a drawer and resume your game, easy-peasy!

Plus, you can display your impressive board game (and gloat to guests if you’re in the process of winning!)

Allllll right. Are you a board game nut too? Which are your favorites?



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