& Friday: Creative Juices

Ever see a book that made you want to get creative?

Or, how about a book where you thought I wish I had that/could make that! But if I did it, it’d turn into a lumpy mess (this goes for cooking too)?

Happens to me all. The. Time.

Especially working at a bookstore. Some craft books just make me snigger (Crafting with Cat Hair, anyone?). And some make me want to feverishly start learning to knit/crochet/cook with perfection/sew like a seamstress RIGHT NOW.

So here are just a couple:

Subversive Cross Stitch by Julie Jackson. Crafts/Hobbies.

Subversive Cross Stitch by Julie Jackson. Crafts/Hobbies. Found here.

Why cross stitch if you’re not going to be sassy about it? Subversive Cross Stitch makes me giggle every time I walk past it. Starting with the subtitle: “50 F*cking Clever Designs for Your Sassy Side,” and with charming little sayings sprinkled with profanity throughout to display in your home…it’s fantastic.

Imagine noticing a framed cross stitch and thinking nothing of it…until you do a double-take and realize it says “Please don’t do coke in the bathroom.” Hilarious. Maybe not for your profanity-sensitive relatives, however.


Knit Your Own Zoo by Sally Muir. Crafts/Hobbies.

Knit Your Own Zoo by Sally Muir. Crafts/Hobbies.

And there is a whole line of knitting books for amiguri, basically cute little handwoven figures that Japan made popular. A slightly fancier version is Sally Muir’s line of Knit Your Own… books. Knit your own dogs, cats, pets, even zoos! One peek into the patterns for these little critters will make your head spin…but don’t the pictures look adorable?! I want a tiny lemur to sit on my desk and make me feel all accomplished and stuff! I have a cat! Can’t I replicate her in cute, knitted form?!

Cut Up This Book! by Emily Hogarth. Crafts/Hobbies.

Cut Up This Book! by Emily Hogarth. Crafts/Hobbies.

I’m a little obsessed with laser cut details…intricate designs cut into paper, gorgeous scenes made out of such simple materials…LOVE IT. Buuuuuut…that doesn’t mean I’d be good at it. Or that I’d ever have the patience to do it. Plus, I could see myself slicing my finger right open trying to get to the tiny bits.

But Cut Up This Book! certainly urges me to try! It’s full of templates and inspiration for intricately cut scenes, and there’s a second book that focuses on holidays and celebrations. I’d love to be the person in the family known for the gorgeous, hand cut cards and centerpieces…

Maybe one day?

Let me know what books make you want to sit down and create something! Have you ever tried a new skill/hobby and wildly succeeded (or spectacularly failed?). Let me know! Happy Friday!




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