Coffee Table Corner: Color Me Impressed

Hello all! Here’s the second ever Coffee Table Corner! Yay!

One of our number one requests at the store right now? Adult coloring books.

Yep. You read it right. At least five people a day (on a slow day) ask about them. I’m not sure what it is about the season or this time of year that have people feeling artistic or creative, but it’s definitely influenced the stock in the store. We have tables, endcaps, whole shelves full to bursting with “Zen Doodles,” “Earth Mandalas,” and “Color Me Happy” coloring books.

Man, I love me some sweet, sweet geometric designs. Dover coloring book found here.

Man, I love me some sweet, sweet geometric designs. Dover coloring book found here.

And, not to be a hipster or anything, but I was totally on this bandwagon before it was cool. My mom and I used to get those cheap, super intricate geometrical coloring books you find in Hallmark or even grocery stores. That and some cheap-o crayola markers or colored pencils, and we were set for vacation.

And anyone remember “stained glass” coloring books. Oh boy. Loved ’em.

But I am equally loving the detail and artwork found in the coloring books coming into the store. Most of them are gorgeous even without color (although if I framed and hung a blank coloring page on my wall, it might be kind of weird…)

Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. Found here.

Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. Found here.

My favorite book right now is Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest. Basford is a crazy talented illustrator, and this book is one hot item right now. I managed to snag a copy before it completely blew up and everyone and their grandmother wanted one, so getting yours might be tough (B&N AND Amazon are sold out online!!) Her other coloring book, Secret Garden, is just as popular. But I liked the story the pictures seemed to tell in Enchanted Forest better.

Oh man, there is simply not enough room to share all the awesome coloring books there are! Mandala ones have been super popular, although I tend to find repeating patterns boring to color after a while.

Animal Kingdom my Millie Marotta. Found here.

Animal Kingdom my Millie Marotta. Found here.

Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta is another awesome one. Intricate line drawings of animals and plants/flowers that are endlessly pretty and come in a variety of detail (meaning you could color one on your fifteen minute break, or while away an hour at a landscape).

Posh Coloring Book. Found here.

Posh Coloring Book. Found here.

Posh Coloring Book: Art Therapy for Fun & Relaxation is another one of my favorites. This one has designs as well as animals, and what’s cool is that some of them have bands of color to serve as a kind of inspiration, or blank spaces for you to doodle your own drawings to color in.

I am personally partial to colored pencils. I was an Architecture major my first year in college, and had to buy all kinds of expensive model building and art equipment. I became an English major my second year, but Prismacolor brand colored pencils stayed with me. They come in gorgeous colors, the pencils themselves are super sturdy and don’t break easily, and the thing I like best is I don’t have to press down hard to get great color coverage.

But I also love those Crayola Twistable colored pencils, so what do I know.

Cool, Sarah, you might be saying, but what the heck does this have to do with coffee table books?!

Really awesome geometric coffee table. Found at Wayfair.

Really awesome “Delilah coffee table.” Found at Wayfair.

Imagine this: you’re at a party, you’ve staked out a great spot on the host’s comfy couch and don’t want to give it up, plus you’re digging the people you’re having a conversation with. You look down and BAM! There just happens to be cool, modern, grown-up coloring books in front of you with a pencil cup filled with art materials.

Awesome. Coffee table-wise, I’m thinking one with some storage, either drawers or baskets for the drawing and coloring materials when you don’t want them out and cluttering up space. Wayfair is another one of those websites I like to window shop and drool over. Maybe I design dream living rooms for fun in my mind, so what?!

Whaddya think? Am I cuckoo for still liking to color? Are you an adult coloring aficionado? Do you Zentangle? And happy Wednesday!


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