& Fridays: Cover Love

I’m always amazed at the power of a book’s cover to draw a reader in. Heck, even the spine, the title of a book can make me pick it up and read the synopsis. And yes, I have purchased a book because it looked pretty, even if the synopsis didn’t exactly appeal. I picked up The Book of Strange New Things because the pages were gold! (I’m just lucky that it turned out to be so good! Review here)



Now, you know I like simple and graphic. Ben Marcus’ books, The Flame Alphabet and Leaving the Sea feature just that. They look like a really awesome craft project, with jewel-toned construction paper graphics and the titles and author name printed on slips of white. I’m a fan of simple and graphic because I think it makes books jump out from the shelf. These on a shelf next to a series of historical romance/bodice-rippers? Definitely different.


“Puffin in Bloom” series of classic kids books by Rifle Paper Co.



Do I need another copy of Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, Little Princess, or Little Women? No. But these newly released covers by Rifle Paper Co. are delightful. They’re bright and colorful, perfect for kids, yet whimsical enough for a spotlit feature on an adult bookshelf. What, your bookshelf doesn’t have spotlights? Guess that’s just the dream bookshelf in my mind’s eye, then…






The Selection series by Kiera Cass. Young Adult Sci-Fi/Adventure. Publisher: HarperTeen


I have a confession about these ones. These right here are my YA guilty pleasures. I did pick up The Selection because it featured a big, gorgeous dress. And the plot itself turns out to be full of holes, and a lot of the characters insipid and annoying, but damn if I didn’t read the whole series, and squeal with excitement when I found out a fourth one was in the works (also featuring a big, gorgeous dress).


You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. Self Improvement. Publisher: Running Press




Or perhaps you fall for titles? I personally like being told I’m a badass 😉

Let me know about your cover love stories! Did a beautiful book turn out to be an amazing story? Or was it overcompensating?



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