& Fridays: Book Quirks

Do you do weird things when you read books? Ever since I was a child, reading The Babysitters Club and Thoroughbred books (Anybody else remember Thoroughbred?! I was way into horses as a kid), I did this odd thing where I moved the right hand page. I’d fiddle with a corner or ripple the page as I read the sentences on it. You’d think it would be distracting, but I don’t even notice it now. I had a friend point it out to me a couple years ago, and I had stopped recognizing that I did it whenever I read!

It is difficult to do that with ebooks, however.

I used to take the first word in the book and the last word in the book and try to make a sentence out of them. Or take the first and last sentence and try to make a kind of story out of that. 

I still calculate where the middle of the book will be. If it’s 382 pages, I take stock at page 191, tilting the book to look at how the spine creases right in the middle.

So if you didn’t already think I’m a weirdo, guess what? I TOTALLY AM.

Do you have to move the page when you read? Do you bend back the front cover? Dog ear to keep your place? Jiggle your leg or wear your lucky reading glasses? Let me know! And happy Friday!!


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