& Fridays: Books for the Sick

Reading in bed: the only activity I was able to do yesterday... Found here on tumblr

Reading in bed: the only activity I was able to do yesterday…
Found here on tumblr

I’m sick, you guys 😦

Well, I was when I wrote this post, on a Thursday. Luckily, it was my day off (although sad that I had to spend a day off napping away the hours). But seriously: no fun. The waking up three times in the middle of the night because of my sore throat, the total lack of energy (I got up to take some meds, then had to take a nap afterwards to recuperate), the headache. Ugh.

BUT. I got to spend a lot of time doing some of my favorite past-times: reading and writing 🙂 I caught up on a couple blog posts here (I was almost completely out of Friday material, and five books behind on reviews!), I read a good chunk of my current book (spoiler alert: it’s actually a book intended for “Young Readers.” aka children. And I like it), and I held up my New Years Resolution (aka “Guideline”), of writing every day, which is still going strong!

What kind of books do YOU like to read on a sick day? The novel you’re currently reading? A childhood favorite, a comfort food, if you will? Poetry? Comics? Do you build a book fort out of sheets and pillows to keep the midday sun out of your eyes? Do you have a comfy sweater that you curl up in when the going gets tough?

Plus, I got to binge watch Boy Meets World. Anybody else think Corey, Shawn, and Topanga were the original Harry, Ron, and Hermione?


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