FFT Fridays: Let’s Talk About Book Hangovers

Look, I changed the format of titling Friday posts! (mostly because I was running out of adjectives that started with “F”). It’s still a little wordy to me. But it was better than spelling out: Food for Thought Fridays: Let’s Talk About Book Hangovers. Oh boy. Work in progress, as always.

Perfect web comic. From anythingcomic.com

Perfect web comic. From anythingcomic.com

So I finished Golden Son, that book I gushed over a Friday post-or-two ago. Oh my gosh. It’s good. My official review will be up Monday, but I promise: it’s an excellent sequel.

The issue? It seriously messed up my sleep schedule.

It is paced so blazingly fast, that it felt unfair to stop at a chapter. But the characters were still in trouble! But that last line was so gutting! I have to get to a good stopping point!

And there never was. I was staying up until two o’clock, three o’clock in the morning for a good solid week to get that thing read (and not in a “it’s a chore, I have to review this for the blog” kind of thing, not that any of the books I read are like that. In a “I’MSOEXCITEDIT’SJUSTSOGOODCAN’TSTOPREADING” kind of way). I stayed up until past 3 the last night to get the last 150 pages or so polished off. I allowed myself a moment there, in bed, to soak in what the ending meant, for the characters, for myself, a reader who now must wait ANOTHER YEAR for the last piece of the trilogy to finish up an already great series.

And then I had to grab a few hours of sleep before I went to work in the morning.

And now the tough thing: how do I follow up a book I’ve been so excited for, a book that I devoured in less than a week, that I really, truly liked?! Isn’t everything just going to suck now? I’ll pick up something from my to-read shelf, read a chapter and whine, “But it’s no Golden Son!”

I’ve told some of my coworkers about my book hangover, and they’ve suggested rereading the book I just finished, reading a book I have read before, one I know I already love (should I start Harry Potter again now?). At the time of writing this post, I have indeed read another book after Golden Son, and it was not one I had read before, and I did enjoy it. But, you know, it could have been worse. I could be in a serious book rut right now!

SO. How do you, my lovely readers (of the blogs and of the books), how do you recover from a book hangover? What was the last book to give you a book hangover? What weird or awesome suggestions have you heard, or do you have, for such a situation? I’d love to know!



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