FFT Friday: Let’s Talk About Literary Tattoos

I have two tattoos. I got one done when I studied abroad (researched the tattoo parlor first – it won awards in cleanliness and design, and I still adore it), and another the year I graduated college. They have great personal meaning to me, and I have great memories of getting them.

I’ve flirted with the idea of getting another one, possibly with a literary theme. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to inspiration (titled “The ‘You Can’t Have Just One Tattoo’ Effect” hehehe), and have seen many a Buzzfeed or other article about literary quote tattoos, literary tattoos, the best, the worst, the most creative, etc. etc. etc.

Books have meant a great deal to me since I learned how to read. They have become a true passion in my adult life, and I read every single day, all manner of things. When people tell me they “don’t read,” or “don’t like books,” I don’t scoff at them, think they’re stupid or uneducated. I just feel a little sad for them: missing out on worlds upon worlds of fantastic happenings! It’s literally the cure for boredom, anywhere, at any time of day or night!

So…what literary quote, image, or meaning would you permanently etch on your body? 😛

I balk at quotes, because who knows if a certain string of words will mean the same to you eighty years from now?

IF I did do a quote, though, it’d probably be one by Jack Kerouac, often quoted in his list of “30 Beliefs and Techniques for Prose and Life.” I found the list in its entirety in the book I’m using to write every day (still going strong!): A Writer’s Book of Days. The quote is simple: “You’re a Genius all the time.” I also weirdly love the capitalization of the word “genius.” It’s kind of like saying “YES. I AM a genius. Thank you for noticing the importance of my genius.”

Or maybe that’s just me talking to myself.

Image-wise? I’ve pinned examples of old-fashioned tattoo-style books, modern fictional book jackets, and books flying, their covers like wings.

And then there’s Harry Potter. My first recollection of a favorite book, the Harry Potter series is the foundation of my early reading memories. The midnight premiere of the final book, released when I was still in high school, is very clear in my memory.

Besides, what’s nerdier than a Harry Potter-inspired tattoo?

So…there’s the art from the books themselves. Huffington Post compiled a large graphic of all of the art that Mary GrandPré created for the start of every chapter. How about the chapter where the Weasley twins leave Hogwarts? Or the one where Harry first chooses a wand? Not sure I’d get Dobby’s bush-baby-eyed visage tattooed somewhere on my body forever, but there’s some beautiful art there.

There’s the quintessential Deathly Hallows symbol. Or the three stars that begin each chapter. Subtle. Tiny.

From this Buzzfeed article

From this Buzzfeed article

Diagrams of each one of the deathly hallows…

Heck, there’s a tumblr dedicated to Harry Potter tattoos. (I mean, there are probably tons. But this was just the one I stumbled upon).

SO. How about any of you? Anybody have tattoos? Any of them literary in nature? What would you get if you were only brave enough?




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