Fortitude Friday


How were your holidays? Your Christmases, your Hanukkahs, your Kwanzaas, your New Years Eves?

An awesome Christmas gift I received! Banned books socks!

An awesome Christmas gift I received! Banned books socks!

Mine went along swimmingly, thank you for asking! 🙂 I’m super excited for what this year has to bring. New opportunities are cropping up at work, someone I love comes home from a deployment in Afghanistan, and friends far and near are making big, ambitious plans to see and hang out with each other this year. I have three penpals from three different states that I hope to see in person this year. Fingers crossed that I can keep my resolution to see them all, separately or together!

It’s also that (maybe dreaded?) time of year that the R-word happens. Yep, RESOLUTIONS. Do you make them? Are yours to eat healthy and lose weight? And then two weeks in, you have half a box of Krispie Kremes and feel like you’ve ruined everything?

Well, never fear! I treat resolutions like those pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean do, more like guidelines, really. I almost always break mine at one time or another, but I see them not as iron clad I-do-these-things-or-I’ll-have-an-unsuccessful-year-and-feel-like-a-failure, but more like things I should pay attention to more this year. Targets to focus on and remind myself of positivity every time I feel discouraged or grumpy throughout the year (mainly when I’m hangry. I get hangry like you WOULDN’T BELIEVE).

Last year my goal was to complain and gossip less. When I did find myself whining, I tried to remember that hey, there’s nothing really big in my life to complain about. My mantra when I felt a little lost in college was “it’s really all going to turn out okay.” The “really” being in there because sometimes it was genuinely hard to convince myself sometimes that something would eventually be okay. I’m not saying I 100% succeeded the entire year. I didn’t. But it was a good thing to think about and try to improve on myself.

My household's newest addition: a kitten we've named Cheshire, next to my new book-shaped pillow!

My household’s newest addition: a kitten we’ve named Cheshire, next to my new book-shaped pillow!

SO. That’s a long winded introduction to basically say that I’ve prepared some resolutions that I’m going to post on here! Mainly reading and writing ones, as that’s what this blog is focused towards. I also have that whole eat healthier and exercise more thing going on, but I had a chocolate muffin for breakfast and haven’t joined that gym yet, so…work in progress!

RESOLUTION #1: Keep up this blog all year
Before NaNoWriMo in 2014, I was totally rocking the blog schedule. I had reviews planned out and scheduled, I had Friday posts written and saved for every week: I was golden. AFTER NaNo, not so much….I’m not saying I should have two months of reviews and Friday posts planned out at all times, but the goal this year is to work on posts once a day every week, probably on one of my days off, so that I don’t feel flustered and like I’m letting people down if I forget a Friday post (been really bad about those ones lately. Sorry everyone!)

RESOLUTION #2: Attempt to write, every single day.


Key word: “attempt.” I’m sick of saying my goal is to be a writer, that I really want to write a novel one day, and…I’m not a regular writer. So this year I shall make a conscious effort to write something every day. If I don’t get a substantial amount down, I won’t beat myself up. But I’m going to try. And that’s important. I’m using The Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves as a guideline for each day. She uses very short prompts (“Someone cheated,” “Write about the passing of hours,”) to get you going, which I’m digging right now.


^That is to say, books about writing. Like A Writer’s Book of Days kind of thing
Seriously, I have enough. Ask me how many I’ve read. Go ahead.
None of them.
It’s seriously a sickness.

RESOLUTION #4: Re-read Harry Potter
Because it makes me happy just thinking about it 🙂 And I have that lovely paperback set I mention in my &Favorites section up there!
Another series I loved as a kid that I should revisit: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (and really, the whole His Dark Materials trilogy)

RESOLUTION #5: Read at least 50 books, but really, shoot for 60.
My coworker did a really awesome thing in 2014: she set a challenge for herself to read a book from every section in our store. 60 books in total (she left out sections that didn’t make a whole lot of reading sense: computer programming languages, children’s coloring books, etc.) giving herself a little leeway for books she really wanted to just enjoy (“wild cards”). And she got to read a lot of really cool stuff. She was really into her history selection, and she read Bill Nye’s new science book. It was a really, really cool thing. And she finished with two minutes to spare (she said she marked the last book as finished on Goodreads and got to stare at it in happiness for two minutes before it clicked over to 2015…)! A very brave thing, I think. On one hand, I’m selfish and only want to read the books I want to read. And I’m not sure how well I’d take to reading the history, the science, the subjects I don’t normally reach for. But hey, it’s called a reading challenge for a reason! Anyone up for seeing me blog my journey in 2016?!


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