Fangirl Friday

My coworkers watched this whole week as I squirmed in my seat in the breakroom, as I kept turning the pages of a book I’d already read, saying “I forgot how good this is!” over and over again.

That’s right: a sequel I’d been waiting a year for came out this week.

And it was none other than the sequel to Red Rising, which, as you might recall from my last Friday post, was the best book I read in 2014.

But. BUT. Not only did we receive the book a week early, and have to store it in the back and not sell any copies until the 6th (what TORTURE, I tell you!!), but the author himself just happened to be swinging by a local bookstore in my neighborhood for a reading/signing that very week.

And on my day off, no less.

So yeah, the planets aligned for this week, everybody.

Pierce Brown, beginning to sign books

Pierce Brown, beginning to sign books

The event was great, by the way. Pierce Brown read from the first chapter of Golden Son, he answered a bunch of questions from the audience and he signed copy after copy of books – sometimes four a person! We learned a bunch of cool things about his writing process (not a stranger to procrastination), what he hopes for the possible movie adaptation of his books (he hopes Darrow is played by a relatively unknown actor), and how readers are selected for audiobooks (essentially five sound bites sent to him in an email, with the pressure of having to select one voice to portray his entire series. Yikes! No pressure! But both the author and audience agreed: the reader he chose is an exemplary one).

And a little light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel for those of you who write: Brown wrote six books, and received over 130 rejections before Red Rising was accepted and taken to print. Even then, he had to pitch it as YA, then an adult fiction book before it was finally a real thing. And, when asked if he’d ever revisit any of those books after the success of Rising, he laughed and said a definitive “no.” Perseverance, my friends. Perseverance, and just the right story.

My newly signed hardcovers! With quotes from the books in each

My newly signed hardcovers! With quotes from the books in each

I got both of my hardcover copies signed (both Red Rising and my new copy of Golden Son). And my friend and coworker, who came with me, got a copy signed for our manager, who had to give away his copy to a customer who wanted one at our own store (we were only sent five copies! Five!)

Now, it doesn’t help that Buzzfeed wrote an article about how nice Pierce Brown is to look at. That, coupled with what a fan I am of his books, made me a babbling idiot when it was my turn to shake his hand and make small talk while he signed. But such is life: full of awkward moments 😛

Anyway, any of you meet someone you’d been dying to meet? Authors, actors, newscasters? How was it? Were you a babbling idiot, like me?


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