Flourishing Friday

My official winner's banner!!

My official winner’s banner!!

You guys. You gals. I did it.

I wrote 50,000 words in 30 days.



It was tough. I was better prepared than I was last year, and still it was tough. There were nights I’d come home from work and I wouldn’t want to write a word. There were days I didn’t write a word. There were days I had to make myself sit and write 5,000 words.

Here! The proof!


Can you see where I tried to go on a girl’s weekend in the middle of the month? And where I floundered a bit around Thanksgiving?

And since I like graphs, here’s last years:


So overall, I think I’m improving. Maybe next year I won’t have any more 5,000 word days.


I make myself laugh.

So…as you may have noticed, I didn’t get a review out on Monday…and this Friday post is late.

Hey, I’ve had a lot of writing, I’m a few reviews behind! (Okay, around five reviews behind!)

They will get here, I promise! I just wanted to share my little success with all of y’all. Because I like you or something 🙂





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