Fast-Talking Friday

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Happy Friday, y’all!

So…have you binge-watched all of Gilmore Girls on Netflix yet?

I probably should be ashamed about how many times I’ve seen every single Gilmore Girls episode.

But I’m not ashamed at all.

My mom did not have to raise me on her own (quick fact for those who know nothing about the show: Lorelai had Rory when she was a teenager, raised her as a single parent, they have a very close bond). But I consider my mom to be my best friend. We get along swimmingly, if you will. And we love watching this show together. We can now quote them…it might be sad to others (and my brother and dad groan out loud when they walk in to see it on the TV), but I’m not apologetic at all 😉

So! This Rory Gilmore is a book reader. An avid one. And someone painstakingly took note of every single book mentioned or pictured on screen (my mom and I tried to take note of every job Kirk has ever had, but we got tired of that pretty quick…). ALL 339 OF THEM.

There are book clubs dedicated to this list. I have personally checked, and I’ve read a total of 38 out of 339. That’s a measly 11%, and a lot of them I cringe to think to read (in one episode, Rory’s grandfather mentions the complete collection of The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. He says it took him six years to read. Ouch.), but it’s an awesome thing that someone awesome put together.

Here’s the link! I don’t know who originally put it together, sadly! Otherwise I’d give them a huge shoutout! Can anyone help me out on the origins?

Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

How many had you read? Is one of your all-time favorites on there?

Let me know! And go watch the series on Netflix!


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