Festive Friday

People finish their Christmas shopping early now! (And make me feel ashamed that I’ve just maybe thought of a few things that might be cool for a couple people) I had people coming up to the cash register in September saying, with a satisfied sigh “And now Chrsitmas shopping is done!” WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE AND WHY ARE YOU SO ON TOP OF THINGS?!

Anyway, I love the holidays 🙂 to be more specific, I love from about mid-September to about mid-January. There’s so much to celebrate, personally in my life as well as holidays. I love Halloween, I love Thanksgiving, I love Christmas. I LOVE fall/winter weather, and if I could, I’d live year round in coats, boots, and scarves.

I also love to give gifts. Isn’t that one of the love languages? I’m referring to that book The 5 Love Languages, in which the author details five ways in which people tend to show affection. Mine is definitely gifts. Whether I make them, bake them, or pay some money for them, I love surprising people with gifts, and making them happy during times like birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, anniversaries, etc.

Note: I looked it up, and the love language is GETTING gifts. While I no doubt love that, I like giving them more (and I’m keeping the above paragraph even though I got the language wrong 😉 )

So! I thought I’d compile some fun things you can buy for the bookworm on your list! I know I’m only giving you a month’s notice, so if you’re like those crazy efficient people above, 1: I hate you a little and 2: maybe the bookworm on your list just needs one more thing? 😉

Book-Related Gifts for the Book-Related Person in Your Life (A Gift Guide for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/whatever)

1.) Homemade bookmarks

I did not make these ones. The link below did

I did not make these ones. The link below did

A couple Christmases ago, my best friend made me a couple of these cute little monster bookmarks. They’re adorable! I made them for Halloween for my coworkers this year, so they’re definitely transferable holiday-wise (make them for your kids’ classmates on Valentine’s Day! I knocked out a couple dozen of them in two or three nights after work – totally doable).
I followed this link: Page Corner Bookmarks
You can also print out photos of your kids (or yourself as a child) to give to your partner/parent as a fun bookmark: link here
Cost: depending on your scrapbook paper reserves (we’re crazy scrapbookers at my house), $15-$30. You’ll need colored cardstock, holiday-specific paper, scissors, and a glue stick. I found that a large hole punch made the eyes super easy to cut out, which I found at my local craft store for $10.

2.) Book-scented candles

By etsy seller Frostbeard

By etsy seller Frostbeard

These are definitely going to a couple of bookworms on my list (and maybe one for myself?)
They’ve been on my Pinterest board for months, and I just love the idea! Soy (so they burn clean!) candles in scents like “Old Books” (Timber, White Tea, Newsprint, Must), “Bookstore” (Timber, driftwood, hazelnut cappuccino and a hint of leather), and “Oxford Library” (Oakmoss, amber, sandalwood, with hints of tobacco and leather). They also have wonderful nerdy candles: every Harry Potter house, “Dumbledore’s Office,” “Pumpkin Juice,” “Butterbeer,” as well as “The Shire,” “Sherlock’s Office,” and “Winterfell” All of this comes from the etsy seller’s page.
Here’s the link!: Frostbeard’s etsy page
Cost: $15 per 8 ounce jar. And if you buy several, you get some money off ($3 off if you buy 4, $10 if you buy 10, etc). You can also get a tea light sampler with 6 different scents for $14!

3.) Book Picking service
Have you heard of those subscription boxes, where you get a selection of makeup samples, or healthy snacks, or even dog and cat toys and treats every month for a small fee? Well, they have a book one, too! Fill out a quiz, tell them about yourself (or the person you’re buying for), and you’ll get a book in the mail tailored to your preferences! It’s a tad expensive if you choose to get a book every month, but the site has tons of options (hardcover, paperback, both, as well as getting the books Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly).
Link for books sent to your door: Just the Right Book
Cost: $85 for a quarterly delivery of paperback books, up to $385 for a monthly delivery of hardcover books.

4.) Publish the writer in your life
Do you have a friend who desperately wants to write and publish a book of their own? Is your child a short story-writing fiend? I stumbled upon this website last year (just after my first National Novel Writing Month, actually!) and it’s a site that allows you to publish a manuscript for not that much money! The site also features a cover creator to make the book shine. You can pay to have a professional from the site make one for you, too. I know I’d probably bawl my eyes out if someone did this for some of my stories.
Link to publish your book: Createspace
Cost: You can get a single copy of a small paperback for $3. Amazon will sell copies if you wish, on their website, and send you royalties every time one is sold.

5.) Other book-related paraphernalia
These plates: $12-$40 3,000 Classic novels, saved on a flash drive…shaped like a book. ($30)

Found at gonereading..com

Found at gonereading.com

From innovations.com.au

From innovations.com.au







Book scarves: $42 each                   Printable book jackets with cheeky titles (free printables!)

By etsy seller storiarts

By etsy seller storiarts

From embowman.com

From embowman.com









Book pillows!!                                                     Foldable book art (pre-made or do-it-yourself)


via thinkgeek.com

via thinkgeek.com

6.) Bookmarks/stocking stuffers

Bookmark that keeps track of your last line        Witty, unobtrusive bookmarks





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