Feud Friday


Photo credit: theawkwardyeti.com

Oh man. It’s here. The literary elephant in the room.

Which is better…


eReaders…able to store thousands of books in its electrical covers, built in back light, small, compact, and travelable, yet without the satisfaction of turning a page, sniffing that old-page smell, gifting it to a friend.

Books…smelly (mostly in a good way), make you feel pretty dang smart, easy on the eyes (as long as there’s enough light to read), look great on a bookshelf, yet cumbersome to go on vacation with stacks of them, expensive when freshly released, and what if you don’t want to keep them when you’re finished reading?

Where exactly, do you stand?

And where, exactly, do stand?

Well, ever take an English AP class? Remember that when writing your essay, you could choose to be for the proposed topic, against it, or play both sides and just say hey, they both have their merits?

I’m totally that middle-grounder. That cheater. Because I love ’em both.

When gifted an eReader for Christmas one year, I was hesitant. I was all prepared to be the Book Purist. “You can’t beat a real book!” “eReader’s can never capture the smell of a book!” “I like the feel of a real book in my hands.”

But nothing beats packing for a trip, hitting a couple buttons on your wishlist, and not having to pack a pile of (heavy) hardbacks into your carry-on or checked baggage.

It’s actually pretty awesome to have a whole library in my hands, swathed in its travel case on long trips, available to me at the push of a button. Tired of the latest funny memoir of an SNL alum? Cool, I can just switch on over to my complete set of Game of Thrones and pick up where I left off in book two (there’s a lot of names, okay?!)

(Plus, it’s way easy to get digital ARC’s with an eReader and an active blog)

And yet, bookstores are my favorite places. New books cross my path every day. Someone buys something I haven’t seen before and I make a mental note. Often, those mental notes have to spill over onto a Post-It, because I can’t possibly keep them all in my head! Putting a new book on my to-read shelf makes me smile. Eagerly anticipating a book’s release, then getting to go home with it after months of waiting?! Priceless.

Because books are often cheaper as an e-version.

Because a book never depletes a battery.

Because if I hate the way a font looks or the size is too small, I can change that with the press of a button.

Because I collect bookmarks from every place I’ve ever traveled to, and using on in the pages of a book makes me happy.

I truly use them both equally. After reading a few books on my eReader, I need to give my eyes a break and give my hands something to hold; I need to take something off the to-read shelf.

Wow. What a cutthroat debate that was, huh? I am clearly an argumentative person 😉

Your thoughts? What do you prefer?


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