Foodie Friday

‘Tis the Season for…cookbooks?

So…I recently took my very first cooking class. I learned a lot of awesome things: how to season, truss, and cook a chicken, how to fry eggplant and smother it in homemade marinara sauce so that you forget eggplant parmesan is actually vegetables, and poached pears in wine for a couple hours before topping with ice cream for dessert.

And it was the first time I’d done any of those things.

Starbursts + fruit roll ups = Christmas cupcakes!

Starbursts + fruit roll ups = Christmas cupcakes!

Here’s the deal: I LOVE to bake. Absolutely love it. I’ve made (maybe not mastered, but certainly made some pretty dang good) macaroons. I found that chocolate chip cookie recipe that turns out wonderful, fluffy, symmetrical cookies every time. Cupcakes were my jam for a while. For Christmas, I made packages out of unwrapped Starburst candies, with fruit roll up ribbons.

But I was never a cook. I never learned to test the doneness of a turkey in the oven, make a stew, season basically ANYTHING (this is not the fault of anyone in my family. Everyone is a great cook. But I never asked to be taught, and I always provided the dessert, of course!)

So now all I want to do is read and try recipes from cookbooks! (Just ignore the fact that a lot of these are baking books…old habits die hard)



Huckleberry: Recipes, Stories, and Secrets from Our Kitchen by Zoe Nathan

Recipes straight from a California bakery, the cover art – a cutaway loaf of bread with tantalizing fruit oozing in a spiral from the inside – is delicious looking enough. But wait for it…THE PAGES ARE POLKA DOTTED!


The Secret Recipes by Dominique Ansel

This is the person who invented the cronut. Need I say more?

I do? Okay, the cronut (croissant donut, for those who are scratching their heads) is amazing. A local bakery here in Oregon makes them, and I think they’re spectacular. This book is rather hush-hugh, but I have heard word that the infamous recipe will be included. Plus, what a cool title!?


Eat the Year: 366 Fun and Fabulous Food Holidays to Celebrate Every Day by Steff Deschenes

Ever hear of those weird holidays? “National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day” (Jan. 22nd) “National Clean Your Refrigerator Day” (November 15th, get ready!) well this book corrals all the food ones so you can say you celebrated a national holiday every day! It’d be even more awesome if they included a little recipe for each day, but the lists are pretty cool. It would make an awesome gift for a foodie or someone you know who loves to entertain!

seriously delish

Seriously Delish by Jessica Merchant

It’s a cutesy title, but the blog is full of yummy looking recipes and witty banter, so I’ll roll with it. When I opened this one and saw that a category was called “Salads, Soups & Vegetable-Like Things (ugh if we must)” I was hooked. I treated myself one week after a rough day at work. Looking forward to my oatmeal dripping with fruits and yummy cinnamon soon 😉

The blog in question is How Sweet Eats.


The Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen by Kate Payne

This one’s just so you can point to it and say “look, I’m ‘hip!'”

Just kidding. Kind of. But it’s got tons of practical tips on how to not waste food, how to buy seasonally, which recipes you should get really really good at making, and how to just be more comfortable in the kitchen. And I don’t think it’s just for the cooking newbie like me. I feel like seasoned wannabe chefs could learn from the meal planning tips and advice? One such person would have to tell me for sure 🙂

So how about it? Any cookbooks you’ve read recently that you absolutely love – every recipe you’ve tried turned out beautifully and deliciously? Want me to include some of my baking recipes on this here book blog (uhh, what goes better than a good book and a delicious cupcake?!)?






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