Feverish(-ly Writing) Friday

Photo credit: website for Geauga Public Library in Cardon, Ohio.

Photo credit: website for Geauga Public Library in Chardon, Ohio.

Batten down the hatches, mateys.

NANOWRIMO is coming!!

Huh? You ask.


I’m about to write a novel in thirty days.

Oh boy.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, or NaNo as I like to be lazy and call it) is a month long writing experiment created by a man named Chris Baty who thought, hey, what better way to light a fire beneath the pants of a writer than put them on a crazy deadline? It is the locomotive ramming the roadblock that is Writer’s Block. It is the coffee-swilling, obsessive-word-count-checking, exhausting, exhilarating ride of a month. The idea is quantity over quality. 50,000 words is a small novel. Just get the words on the page, worry and second guess yourself later.

To be fair, I’ve done it before. Last year, I wrote a sizable novel (admittedly of sub-par quality) of 50,201 words, to be exact. It had to do with college kids and flash mobs. I’m proud that I did it, but I don’t feel the need to revisit the text, to run any further with it.

But since I now know that I can do it, I’m super stoked about this year’s project: a dystopian (come on, are you really surprised?) where a list governs happiness and status of a small population of people who live entirely underground.

I’m excited for it. And terrified.

Cross your fingers for me! And I’ll see you in December! Hopefully with a screenshot of a successfully reached word count! And don’t worry, November’s posts are already set – sometimes I’m good at thinking ahead 😉

Oh, and also:


*throws candy*
Strawberry pumpkin cupcake Strawberry skull cupcake

One day I will make these bad boys….in the meantime, photo credit: blog Cupcakes Take the Cake. The cupcakes themselves were made by Tony Albanese, head decorator at the Whole Foods Market in New Jersey.

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