Fictitious Fridays


Hello, and happy Friday!

First of all, credit: this picture is from a compilation of photos depicting “15 Hilarious Bookstore Chalkboards” at Buzzfeed.

Being a bookseller is awesome (for the most part. There’s the common retail-job pitfalls. Rude customers. People who don’t remember anything about the item they’re looking for, rude customers…) I’m surrounded by books all day long and occasionally I get to make recommendations. I’ve loved books since a very young age, and it’s awesome to get full-time pay for work that lets me be near the objects of my affection. My idea of a perfect summer’s day is sitting with the porch doors open, sitting on the patio furniture while reading (she says in the midst of fall).

And you? In what way have books enriched your life? What about your work is enriching? What do you like to do on a beautiful day, and are you as much of a homebody/bookworm as me? 🙂


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