Food for Thought Fridays


Hope this Friday finds you buried in a good book! Or looking into a weekend in which you get to do so.

This is an awesome advertisement for a charity called Burning Through Pages, based in Denver, which encourages teens to read through book clubs. The kids get to keep the books if they like them, they get the benefits of reading great books, everybody wins!

What got you reading as a kid? My parents read to me before bed as far back as I can remember. Eyewitness science books, Wishbone mystery chapter books, the His Dark Materials series, etc. etc. etc. As soon as I could read full sentences on my own, I was dragging my parents to Barnes & Noble. I got into Harry Potter after the third book came out and devoured those. Without my parents and their attention paid to reading, I might not be the bookworm I am today. I’d like to think I would be, but you can never be sure 😉

I don’t live near enough to Vancouver to volunteer or even really experience what Burning Through Pages is all about. In fact, this advertisement was one that was going viral on Pinterest 🙂 But if you are passionate about reading, I encourage you to volunteer with, or make a donation to organizations like this. Research them, of course. There are websites out there that analyze what portion of donations go to what the organization says they go to (if that makes sense). One charity I got to work very close with was Better World Books, and by extension, Books for Africa. I helped collect textbooks on my college campus to be resold online, where profits then went to provide relevent books and fund literacy programs in over fifty African countries. I was really passionate about the subject, and was so happy when the drives were so successful (second in the nation, proud to say :)).

Any hey, if you read for fun and reading charities aren’t your thing, that’s cool, yo (picture the person with the least amount of street cred in the world saying that, and you’ve got me). But if there is something else out there that has to do with your passion, do a quick Internet search to see if there are any places out there that could use your passion to help them out.

It feels awesome, trust me 😉


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