Food for Thought Fridays


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Happy Friday, friends! Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever walked up to someone reading a book you love and just given a quick, “That book’s wonderful,” Or “That’s one of my favorite books!” In my job (bookstore), I fortunately get to do this all the time. Whenever someone comes up to me to buy a book I’ve loved, I tell them.

Of course, since they’re reading it or purchasing it in front of you, they’re presumably reading it for the first time, and it is completely possible that they will hate it while you loved it. And that can suck, and sometimes it can seem even a little personal. I’m inwardly still a little appalled that both my best friend AND my significant other have not read the Harry Potter series. But I’ve learned to live with it.

I just tease them mercilessly about it 😉

And also: logistics on the whole guys-should-buy-books-for-girls-in-bookstores-like-they-do-drinks-in-bars. Feasible? Or would someone coming up to you offering to buy the book you just picked up be really creepy? I’d be tempted to put the one I was looking at down, smile, and say “Not this one, but that $50 special edition copy of [insert a favorite book of mine here] would be nice.”

Just kidding.


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