Changin’ It Up

Oh heyyyyy all! So…I’ve been a tad lazy (this seems to be a common theme in my “About Me,” tagged posts, eh?). I mean, I’m proud of the review-churning-out that I’ve done (at least one a week, and pre-vacation it was two a week!!). But I need to, you know, talk to y’all more. And maybe…get more of y’all to read this thing!

This is me when I have tons of things to do...sooo much Pinterest surfing...

This is me when I have tons of things to do…sooo much Pinterest surfing…

So I embarked on a tentative book review blog perusal on the Interwebs. And man, are there a lot of these puppies. Not that I thought I had a super original concept for a blog, but MAN, there are just SO MANY!! And I noticed many key differences between their reviews and mine…namely, that their reviews are, well…shorter. Less category-heavy. Just…a little nicer to read. Quicker and more succinct, more personality on the side of the author.

Plus, filling out basically a form for every review was already getting tedious. So, LESS FORMS, MORE FUN! In concept. I’ll still comment on book covers and quality of the physical books themselves, because I’m a cover nerd, but my focus will be the review, short and sweet. But let’s face it, I’m a parenthetical rambler (I love me some asides via parentheses), so the reviews will still be extensive. Let me know if I start taxing your eyeballs 🙂

Also on my blog-related To Do List:
– Properly use Twitter to make this blog more pithy, enjoyable, and popular (is there a brief handbook for this? Maybe in 140 characters or less?)
– Get more lovely followers by commenting on blogs, delving more into social media (Facebook maybe?!), and generating comments on these here reviews!
– Write more posts that aren’t reviews. Like this one, in which I am clearly rambling forever and ever and just expecting you to follow along.

So it’s a work in progress, all of this. Thanks for those already on the bandwagon with me, and those yet to stick out their thumb to hitch a ride! (Note to self: doodle the “Ampersand Read Bandwagon.” I think the windows would be doughnut-shaped. Mainly because ALL I WANT IN LIFE RIGHT NOW IS A CRONUT. SERIOUSLY, DO THEY NOT EXIST OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK?!)


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