& Begin!

Well, hello!

I’ve got a thing for names. I’ve named my car, my camera, and in high school I even nicknamed my calculator. A story without a title is completely unfinished to me. A character without the right name drives me nuts.

So, it took me months to start this blog. I’ve been an avid reader since I could figure out the words on a page. My parents read to me and my brother before bed – the Wishbone mysteries (everybody remember Wishbone?! I loved the show and the books! I wanted a dog that looked just like that), The Boxcar ChildrenNancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, the whole His Dark Materials series, and more. Barnes & Noble was my favorite store, and the first day I visited Powell’s City of Books, I fell in love with a building (it’s a 4-story bookstore that fills up a whole city block, in case you’re unfamiliar with Portland, Oregon). And I still think that if I could subsist on reading books alone, I’d be content with that life.

Although that life might actually be pretty isolating. And I have friends and family and whatnot to pay attention to, so what do I know.

But I digress. The point is, I’ve wanted to start this blog for months. Probably for over a year. And the thing that kept stopping me was the name. It’d have to be a good one. It’d have to stick. I didn’t want to have to change it if I got bored or if no one showed up because no one remembered the name.

And then I realized that I was making excuses. I sat down one day, made a list of names, some better than others (Oh man, I love lists. Get ready for lists on this blog), and finally picked a name. Ampersand Read. Ampersanding.

I picked this name because:

1.) I really like the word “ampersand.” Just say it – it rolls of the tongue!

2.) I wanted it to be clear that this was a blog about books, but I didn’t want it to be so obvious as “Sarah Reviews Books”! (My name’s Sarah, by the way. Nice to meet you!).

And 3.) Everyone wants a little “and” in their life. Nobody wants to deal with the “or” (yeah, we have to, that’s life). And if the thing on the other side of that “and” is reading, then I think that just might make the world a little better 🙂

Look, a list! ^^

I’m a strong believer that reading can do good. You read to escape. You read to get new ideas, whether you cracked open that book to get them or not. You’re exposed to different viewpoints and beliefs and people when you read, even if it’s a paperback crime novel you bought at the airport just to make it through your flight.

So, I love to read. I made this blog to find others who like to read and who can recommend new books, new ways of seeing the world, the characters in the people around us, and to have fun with writing (plus, it’ll force me to write. Deep at heart, I am truly, inherently lazy…) So please, read some reviews! Comment! Follow! I hope adding reading to your “and” makes you happy too 🙂


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